Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Premiere Spook-tacular Show #1!

Welcome festering fiends to Headless Spectre Radio! Below you'll find our 30 min. premiere spook-takular show #1 just waiting to be downloaded for your horrorid listening pleasure.

Every week or so I'll be venturing deep into 1313's cobweb infested vault's to uncover some old beating-up spooky records. The first one is Ed Wood's1965's "Orgy of the Dead".

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Download: "Headless Spectre Radio Premiere Spook-takular Show #1"

Show #1 Track List
  1. Intro - A Haunted Story
  2. There is a Haunted House in town -The Wonderland Singers And Accompaniment
  3. Draculon - The Ghastly Ones
  4. Channel 13 - Psycho Charger w/Unkle Pigors of Toxic Toons
  5. Hearse With A Curse - Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos
  6. Halloween Dance - Wade Denning & Kay Lande
  7. Commercial Break - Sugar Hill Movie Trailer
  8. The Sound of Bones
  9. Mr. Bones - The Headless Hearsemen
  10. Commercial Break - Count Chocula
  11. The Empty House on Haunted Hill
  12. House on Haunted Hill - Kenny and the Fiends
  13. Victims of the Guillotine
  14. This Sinister Urge - The Fuzztones
  15. Everyone is Welcome - Lilly Munster
  16. Commercial Break - Creepy Crawlers
  17. Monster Shindig - Danny Hutton
Download the bonus audio treat!
"Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead"


Von Kreep